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Services for Agents & Brokers

The Alpha Surety team has years of surety and insurance experience, including experience on both the agency and carrier sides of the industry. We can be an invaluable resource for your agency by making the process of securing surety bonds for your clients extremely easy. We have access to a variety of surety carriers and can provide a solution for any bond you need, from small to large contractors, developers, and other commercial bond needs.

We use the latest technology to make the bond application, bond execution, underwriting information, billing, and record-keeping easy for all parties. This saves everyone time and money and gets the bond into your clients’ hands much faster.

We typically pay 15% commission for all business (more in some cases). We can work through your agency personnel, so we are invisible to your clients, or work directly with your clients to save you additional time. Once the necessary underwriting information is provided and the approval is secured, the bond is prepared and forwarded to you or your client normally within 48 hours. You will also be able to view copies of the bonds for all your clients online.

Once you are set up as a producing agent, we do not require prepayment for bonds. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to apply to become a broker.