Contractor Surety Bonds


Alpha Surety has experience working with contractors from all sizes of start up companies requiring their first Performance and Payment bonds to companies exceeding $1 billion in revenue. We can assist any sub trade, heavy engineering, or general contractor. In today’s turbulent surety market, it is critical to partner with the right surety brokerage. Consider these key factors when selecting your broker:

  • Provides access to a variety of carriers with acceptable A. M. Best ratings and underwriting standards that meet your company profile.
  • Provides local underwriting authority for many types of bonds for faster service.
    Can place your company with a primary carrier that can grow with your surety needs.
  • Maintains a “back up” carrier to be in a ready position should something happen to your primary carrier.
  • If collateral is required, provides the contractor with carriers with maximum flexibility for the types of collateral and an appropriate provision for its ultimate return. Also maintains solutions with Funds Control providers if this is required.

For a free initial consultation, contact Jason Jenkins at 510-435-8425 or jlj@alphasurety.com. Please click here to view and print the initial questionnaire.