City of Omaha updates licence, permit bond requirements

OMAHA, Nebr. — The City of Omaha has recently updated or added several License and Permit Surety Bond types.

“License & Permit Surety Bond” is a broad category of surety bonding, including all types of surety bonds required by an obligee — in this case, the City of Omaha — in order for the principal to obtain a license for performing some specific type of work within a specific jurisdiction.

Updated/New City of Omaha License & Permit Surety Bonds:

  • Building Permit – varies
  • Electrical Contractor – varies
  • LP Tank Installer/Contractor: Minimum of $10,000
  • Master Steamfitter – Minimum of $10,000
  • Wrecking – varies
  • Master Plumber – Minimum of $10,000
  • HVAC Contractor – varies
  • Sewer Layer – varies
  • Dance Permit – varies

The actual amount for these surety bonds varies based on the terms set by the obligee. All building related licensing through the City of Omaha has a bond requirement of $10,000 minimum, according to the city’s website.

The principal will only need to pay a premium – a small percent of the surety bond amount – to secure bond needed. Learn more about “How Much Bonds Cost.”

Other City of Omaha License Bond types include:

  • Master Plumber – Minimum of $10,000
  • Lawn Sprinkler Contractor – Minimum of $10,000
  • Water Conditioning Contractor – Minimum of $10,000
  • Master Electrician (Bonded) – Minimum $12,500
  • Master ACAD – Minimum of $10,000
  • Oil Tank Installer – Minimum of $5,000

Visit the City of Omaha’s Planning Department, Permits and Inspections Division website for more information.