Appraisal Management Company Program

Alpha Surety & Insurance Brokerage specializes in providing innovative money-saving solutions for the surety and insurance needs of industries. We have worked with several industries over the years to help their members develop comprehensive surety bond programs that allow them to obtain the state license surety bonds they need for their current business and then help grow their surety capacity to meet nationwide surety requirements. We have several national surety markets that have enjoyed success in working with our clients to expand their surety capacity at a fair rate as their surety needs grow.

Appraisal Management companies are companies that act as an external third party that manages a network of appraisers in the home selling process. They remove the management of home appraisals from the control of the lenders thereby providing homeowners with a more objective, independent evaluation of their home’s market value. In the past three years, multiple states have added a licensing and bonding requirement for this industry. In 2010 seven states added bonding requirements and in 2011 four states added a bonding requirement. Thus, several national companies have recently needed to greatly improve their bonding capacity and Alpha Surety and it surety markets have been able to do so at extremely fair rates. As states continue to regulate this industry, companies will need to develop national bonding programs and Alpha Surety with its experience in this industry and in growing programs for other industries, is uniquely positioned to assist in this growth.