Money Transmitter Program

Alpha Surety & Insurance Brokerage specializes in providing innovative money-saving solutions for the surety and insurance needs of industries. We have worked with several industries over the years to help their members develop comprehensive surety bond programs that allow them to obtain the state license surety bonds they need for their current business and then help grow their surety capacity to meet nationwide surety requirements. We have several national surety markets that have enjoyed success in working with our clients to expand their surety capacity at a fair rate as their surety needs grow.

Since taking on one of the largest Money Transmitter Companies in the nation as a client in 2004, Alpha Surety has become a leading surety provider for established and start-up money transmitter/money services business in the country. We have several national surety markets that have developed comprehensive surety programs for our more established business that include zero collateral, extremely generous rates and liberal capacity limits. Several of our markets have also worked with us to develop programs for start-up money transmitter companies needing immediate bonding nationwide. These companies have enjoyed substantial working capacity limits and decreased rates as their company financials merit such decreases.

Almost all 50 states require money transmitters to be licensed and bonded to operate in that state. With over a dozen national money transmitters as clients, we have the expertise to underwrite and place business for this industry. Additionally, our sureties have the appetite for this kind of business and understand what this industry needs in terms of capacity and rate.