Sweepstakes or Game of Chance Program

Alpha Surety & Insurance Brokerage specializes in providing innovative money-saving solutions for the surety and insurance needs of industries. We have worked with several industries over the years to help their members develop comprehensive surety bond programs that allow them to obtain the state license surety bonds they need for their current business and then help grow their surety capacity to meet nationwide surety requirements. We have several national surety markets that have enjoyed success in working with our clients to expand their surety capacity at a fair rate as their surety needs grow.

Since its inception in 2002, Alpha Surety has sold thousands of sweepstakes surety bonds. Unlike other industries, sweepstakes bonds are not required nationwide. Rather, they are required by two states, Florida and New York. However, they are required for each and every sweepstakes that is run by a company in both states. Thus, because they are event related, companies that run sweepstakes potentially need dozens of bonds a year. Alpha surety has multiple surety markets with a healthy appetite for sweepstakes bonds in any amount at very competitive rates. We work with companies sponsoring the promotions directly, their promotion agencies and their industry attorneys to obtain them the bonds they need in the time frame they need them. We can have a sweepstakes bond approved and on your doorstep the next day, which is important since the filing of these bonds with both states is time sensitive.