What types of Surety Bonds exist?

There is an enormous number of different types of surety bonds, just as there are many different types of obligations people can have to one another.  Surety bonds are typically broken into two categories, commercial surety bonding and contract surety bonding (or construction surety bonding).

  1. Commercial bonding:
    • License and Permit Surety bonds
      • Mortgage Broker bonds
      • Insurance Agent bonds
      • Auto Dealer bonds
    • Fidelity Surety bonds
      • Employee Dishonesty bonds
      • Janitorial bonds
      • ERISA bonds
    • Fiduciary Surety bonds
      • Administrator bonds
      • Guardian bonds
      • Trustee bonds
    • Public Official Surety bonds
      • County Clerk bonds
      • Notary bonds
      • Tax Collector bonds
    • Court bonds
      • Attachment bonds
      • Court Costs bonds
      • Indemnity to Sheriff bonds
  2. Contract bonding (or construction bonding) guarantees that a contractor or developer will fully complete the construction project for which they’ve bid according to specifications and will pay all laborers, subcontractors and suppliers.
    • Bid bonds
    • Payment bonds
    • Performance bonds
    • Subdivision bonds
    • Supply bonds
    • Site Improvement bonds