Lost Trust Deed Surety Bond

How do I get a lost trust deed surety bond?

  1. Submit a Free Online Application, call 800-901-3099 or email us
  2. We approve & provide a free quote
  3. Buy the bond & give to whoever is helping you close

What is the cost to get a lost trust deed surety bond?

Your one-time cost depends on the financial underwriting but is often around 2% of the bond amount. The title company should tell you the bond amount required. Our high volume allows us to provide the best premium rates.

How long will it take?

You can get an electronic copy the same day & the original bond in your hand by the next morning in most cases.

What is a lost trust deed surety bond?

It is a bond required by banks or other financial instrument transfer agents for persons who have lost a deed in trust. The bond is provided to the lender to clear the title when the beneficiary cannot be located to execute and file a reconveyance. Reconveyance is when title to the real estate is transferred from the trustee back to the borrower when the secured debt is fully paid.

Lost trust deed surety bonds are sometimes also called a:

  • Lost note surety bond
  • Lost reconveyance surety bond

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