Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Surety Bond

How do I get a pharmaceutical wholesaler surety bond?

  1. Submit a Free Online Application, call 800-901-3099 or email us
  2. We approve & provide a free quote
  3. Buy the bond & submit to the state

What is the cost to get a pharmaceutical wholesaler surety bond?

Your annual cost depends on the financial underwriting but is often around 2% of the bond amount. The bond amount varies by state but is generally $25,000-100,000 per license. Our high volume allows us to provide the best premium rates.

How long will it take?

You can get an electronic copy the same day & the original bond in your hand by the next morning in most cases. Even if you require more sophisticated underwriting (ex. needing multiple bonds with a large aggregate amount or have a challenged financial/credit situation) our long-standing relationships allow us to deliver bonds faster than most providers.

What is a pharmaceutical wholesaler surety bond?

It is a state license bond. The bond provides a financial guarantee to the state that the licensee will operate according to the laws and statutes applicable to the license. If you are getting licenced in multiple states then you will need a separate bond for each state license. States requiring these bonds in the past have included: Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Maryland, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Regulations may change so check with the state to see if a bond is required for your specific circumstances.

Pharmaceutical wholesaler surety bonds are sometimes also called a:

  • Wholesale Drug Distributor Surety Bond
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Facility Surety Bond
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesale Dealer Bond
  • Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributor Bond

Let us help you get the pharmaceutical wholesaler surety bonds you need so you can get back to growing your business. If you are still unsure you need a pharmaceutical wholesaler surety bond then please give us a call and we are more than happy to help you figure that out.