What is Surety Bond Underwriting?

Surety bond underwriting is the pre-approval evaluation by the surety of both the bond performance requirements determined by the obligee and the principal’s current financial situation to assess the risk related to the performance criteria and the principal’s ability to reimburse the surety should a claim occur. Bonds are financial guarantees of the principal’s performance to established criteria by the obligee.

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Car wash group drops suit to stop NYC bond law

New York City — The Association of Car Wash Owners has abandoned its lawsuit to stop the 2015 Car Wash Accountability Law, the Bill de Blasio administration announced Feb. 11. The association’s move to drop its suit comes after its loss in December when an appeals court upheld the labor-backed law, which including a two-tier

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Dentists must comply with new DMEPOS bond rules

Dentists who provide durable medical equipment and who participate in a CMS billing program now must submit a DMEPOS surety bond, according to a new requirement the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released in Nov. 2018. A DMEPOS surety bond is a license and permit surety bond required by CMS for all suppliers of

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